Ticket #409 ( Accepted )

Short Description Tutorial Lesson 3 Exercise 3.3 Solution Needs TEFORM Tag
Entered By: Big Kahuna When: 1999-11-15 12:43:38 Build: 2.0.6A GA
Categories Type: Problem   Department: Product   Category: Documentation
When executing the solution to Exercise 3.3 in Lesson 3 of the Tutorial the following error is produced: "document.Surf_Form_F_900_10 is not an object". To correct this problem, put a <TEFORM> tag after the <TEMACRO TERMBODY> tag.
Append By: WindSurfer  When: 1999-11-18 09:21:07  New Status: Accepted
Comment This has been corrected in the current version of the Tutorial to be integrated with the install program ASAP.