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Short Description dr.watson during compile
Entered By: PeteL When: 1998-05-29 12:48:46 Build: 1.03.12b
Categories Type: Problem   Department: Product   Category: Console Operations
not sure if this is really "console operations", but .... i'll put it at uploads/bcbsdrw.log
Append By: WindSurfer  When: 1998-05-29 14:18:54  New Status: Pending Customer
Comment Need more information--trap is occurring in C or system DLL and can't tell enough about it.

Is this a consistent trap with a specific template specification?

From the DevCenter?

Can you consistently reproduce it under a particular circumstance?

Can you reproduce with build 1.3.13?


Append By: PeteL  When: 1998-06-01 11:09:36  New Status: Pending IE
Comment cannot duplicate. I was doing the compile on the server, from my desk, so I expect there were users on at the time. I simply brought the service back up, and it was fine.
Append By: PeteL  When: 1998-07-09 07:53:04  New Status: Closed
Comment all dr. watsons seems to be fixed at this time