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Short Description CFX_Sufer tag on a remote machine
Entered By: willchitwood@pointpathbank.com When: 2001-02-15 16:43:34 Build: 2.0.9K
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I have installed CFX_Surfer tag on the remote machine from 
the machine that is running the Surfer application.   In 
the registry I have told the CFX tag to go to the ip of the 
surfer box and port 82. i.e.  I can ping as 
well as pull up the Connection Request Page in a browser 
from the remote machine but I get an HTTP error when I try 
to execute the tag.

The error is as follows:

Unable to receive RESPONSE from HTTP host ""--
 Error Code=10060, Description=WSAETIMEDOUT: The connection 
has been dropped because of a network failure or because 
the peer system failed to respond.

Thanks for your help.
Append By: WindSurfer  When: 2001-02-15 17:20:28  New Status: Pending Customer
Is this a recent download from 

This is actually a timeout problem due to either a default 
timeout value that is too low or a version of the component 
that err, has perhaps not the best timeout code.

You can grab the latest CFX_Surfer.dll file from the ftp 
site, or use the registry editor and add the following 


Set it to 30000 for a 30 second timeout, 60000 for 60 
seconds, and so on...