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Short Description Error: ACC731E No LU available in LU pool
Entered By: intek When: 1998-09-22 15:12:23 Build: 1.03.20d
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We recently upgraded from a 25 to a 50-user license. Everything went seemingly great with updating the registry with the key and we've been running fine for a week.

Yesterday and today, we're starting to get the error message "ACC731E No LU available in LU pool" about 10 times a day. At most, we're hovering around 25 connections with the max I've seen at 27.

We're running on NT4 SP3 as a service. Our Total Sessions (from the Service Settings screen) is being reported as 50. There is one LU group defined. When we upgraded to 50 users, I changed the "Session Range" entry from "1..25" to "1..50". Our "solution" to the users is to keep trying the login -- it eventually works just fine.

Did I miss something? Is this even SS's error?

Vince Erceg
INTEK Information Inc.
619-610-6000 x6206
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Comment No, it isn't an SS error-- you need to check the provider or SNA gateway you are connecting with.

The ACC731E is not an SS error-- it looks like it is related either to an SNA Server LU Pool availability or the TN3270 gateway that is providing your connections. It isn't giving you the connections you need.

You may want to activate timeouts, just in-case there are LU's being hung-up by obsolete sessions-- this is done in the Admin Console Settings page, in minutes. However, this only takes effect when you hit the full 50 users defined, so most likely it IS the gateway you are connecting to.

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Comment I appreciate the input. I'll hunt down the gateway guys.