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Short Description asp request to pooled session
Entered By: DeniseK When: 2001-06-04 20:16:59 Build: 3.0.1C
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We have downloaded and are evaluating your product to 
see if it can be used to replace an existing system.  The 
current system maintains open connections to the mainframe 
which sit at a query screen and wait for requests from an 
ASP com object in the web page.  The results of the query is 
passed back to the web and displayed as html.  The 
connection remains open and ready for the next query.

Is it possible to automatically start and maintaining pooled 
connections (that are navigated to the appropriate screen) 
through the Screensurfer NT service?  And are there any 
sample ASP scripts for passing parameters to open 

Thanks for any attention you can give this.  We are 
reviewing the documentation and tutorial but sometimes it is 
hard to find the specific functions we need.