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Short Description How do I reset a frames-driven Screensurfer environment?
Entered By: PeteL When: 1998-04-24 08:19:51 Build: 1.3.7A
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I'm having a little confusion setting up the frames, here's why:

If I put the frameset in global.home, then every time I hit Exit, it rebuilds the whole frame environment inside the "3270" frame. I can put the frameset in a transaction section, and that works fine - except that users will have to "qualify" their initial entry like:


which isn't terrible, (and I think I'll switch the 84 to 80 so it doesn't have to be specified, not sure yet) but they'd still have the ability to get in without doing framesetup, which would render the environment less-than stable, since I'll be storing some information in the "permanent" frame (which won't be the 3270 frame).

I tried using a variable to see if I had set the frames environment up yet, but since there's no session, there are no session variables.


Append By: bthorne@ieinc.com  When: 1998-04-24 08:25:54  New Status: Pending Customer
Comment I think the immediate answer is that your "exit" link just needs a "target" attribute on it-- you set target="_top" (or "top", I can't remember which), and this will then cause the next URL to fill the entire browser window instead of just the one you are in.

Other FRAMES tips:

  • Put common JavaScript functions into the primary page (where you have all your FRAMESET's), in-between the <HEAD> and </HEAD> tags. Then, anywhere, on any page, you can refer to these JavaScript functions using top.functionname as the designation.
  • Once you have established your frames architecture, and can easily implement new Javascript "common" functions in "top", use a function to reset the primary frame view instead of using a embedded HREF-- this way, you can tweak the URL using a random number to assure a non-cached page, instead of always needed to tweak it on the way out-- look at the source of the SupportCenter page, and you'll see an example of this...
Append By: pete.longden@bcbsnca.com  When: 1998-04-24 08:40:55  New Status: Pending IE
Comment setting the target to _top should keep the frames within frames (and so on, and so on) from happening, but since exit causes control to go to global.home, there actually never is a true exit or a session disconnect, since even when directed to _top, it's going to exit/break-session, then do a connect again if that's what I have as the SRC for that frame. I think I'll just have to think about how I want it to act, since now it seems like I have the pieces. thanks again, and also for the tips - I already have common functions in an external .js file, but I guess they still have to compile each time a page is loaded, so it should be a little faster to put them in the _top.