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Short Description Resizing dropdown lists
Entered By: thomasjw When: 2001-02-23 10:13:41 Build: 3.0.0E Bet
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This isn't really a Screensurfer question but I'll ask it 

Is there a way to resize an HTML dropdown list box so as to 
make the list of selections wider than the "collapsed"

e.g. A one character screen field is where the user can 
input a one-letter alpha code. Can I define a select box 
such that only the one character code appears on the screen 
until the user goes to select another available code from 
the dropdown list which has full descriptions of the codes?

Any help would be appreciated .. even a definitive "can't 
be done".

Append By: Big Kahuna  When: 2001-02-23 10:46:08  New Status: Pending Customer

This really can't be done--a pop-up is really the way to 
go.  Possibly with really crafty DHTML you could put a SPAN 
tag containing the true drop down hovered over the real 
control--but only IE4+ lets you know where the control is 
to do this.

At another Screensurfer client, a double-click was used on 
the entry fields, which provided a new window pop-up with 
clickable options.  This avoided having short entry fields 
mess up the layout when implemented as selection lists, and 
a pop-up off a double click was standard Javascript that 
works with any NS4+ or IE4+ browser.