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Short Description Dr. Watson when "Picture" of inactive session is selected
Entered By: Squidmaster Pro When: 1998-08-07 18:52:51 Build: 1.03.21d
Categories Type: Problem   Department: Product   Category: Console Operations
In the Administrator's Console, under the "Picture" section, a Dr. Watson Error is generated from the ieula.exe when an inactive session is selected ... I know, I know, if the session is inactive there is no "picture" to display, it would just be nice if I were protected from my on mistakes!
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Comment Oops.

Always click on "Active Sessions" like our testers do! That way you stay out of trouble...:)

Thanks for the report. This is a recent regression introduced by our new support for TelNet mode and TN3270E (Enhanced TN3270)-- a structure pointer was left unprotected. This only occurs for TN3270 or TN3270E sessions, and a fix will be available on Monday, as it is very simple, has been reproduced and is understood.

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Comment Fixed-ticket closed.