Ticket #477 ( New )

Short Description Post button instead of the Test button displayed in ASP Wizard
Entered By: Big Kahuna When: 2000-03-07 14:17:40 Build: 2.0.7C
Categories Type: Problem   Department: Product   Category: Not Categorized
After generating a test ASP page in the DevCenter, the 
final information displayed in the primary frame in the 
DevCenter is the generated ASP page with a TEST button with 
the text (Will save details.ASP page in prototype directory 
and display it) if the TEST button is pressed.  This 
currently works fine.  

If you then go to a different function in the DevCenter the 
primary frame no longer shows the generated ASP page.  If 
you want to go back to the generated ASP page and re-test 
or make some changes, you click on the <A button (Edit 
HTML) in the banner of the DevCenter.  When this button is 
pressed, the ASP page is redisplayed so you can edit the 
code but the button at the top of the primary frame is POST 
(Will save section in template and recompile) instead of 
the TEST button.