Ticket #186 ( Closed )

Short Description Unable to navigate from cfsurfer.orbis screen to Orbis screen...return code=2
Entered By: david.tolchard@qspnc.com When: 1998-10-20 12:28:22 Build: 1.03.19d
Categories Type: Problem   Department: Product   Category: Evaluation
Hi there, We are evaluating the CFX tag as well as the full product. The full product works great - we can talk to Yale etc. When we use the CFX tag we get the following error :-

Sorry, but your query caused an error in the SurferScript template that services this request-- the status is:
FailMessage Unable to navigate from cfsurfer.orbis screen to Orbis screen...return code=2
FailSection cfsurfer.booklist
Can you help. We are using NT 4 SP3 on Intel

Append By: WindSurfer  When: 1998-10-20 12:45:11  New Status: Pending Customer
Comment Are you running the CFX tag against your server, or our support server (default address in the CFM page when you installed the tag)?

As distributed, the current tag has some problems in the cfsurfer.stml file relating to changes at the Yale Site...please grab an updated version of this from ftp://ftp.ieinc2.com/pub/surfer/cfsurfer.stml and copy to your \screensurfer\hostserver\templates directory...compile your templates (or stop/start screensurfer from service control).

Thank you for using the SupportCenter-- you should be receiving a newsletter by e-mail shortly outlining all the enhancements to our next major build coming later this week. Included is some new incremental pass-through capabilities for both the CFX tag and our to-be-announced ASP component. This allows portions of the active screen to be formatted by Screensurfer and "passed-through" an attribute of your CFX query, so that you can mix the best of Cold Fusion and Screensurfer in one page/environment.

Append By: david.tolchard@qspnc.com  When: 1998-10-22 08:23:37  New Status: Pending IE
Comment Thanks for the information - the new copy of the .stml file fixed it - Hey and I got it to talk to our mainframe and pull back customer details using the cold fusion extensions. What I want to do now is use java to do the same thing - how do I go about that? If I can get that to work then I am home and dry. By the way the DevCenter hangs in IE4 when launched from the command center :(. Not every time but enough to be very annoying - has anyone logged that yet? If not what info do you need from me?