Ticket #579 ( Closed )

Short Description Screen Transition Not Working on RM006
Entered By: karen.leuther@realmed.com When: 2000-08-03 12:47:08 Build: 2.0.10H
Categories Type: Problem   Department: Product   Category: Troubleshooting
On a newly developed screen, if I don't use screen 
transition then there appears to be a write out.  I don't 
think the screen is done, because the code sees things that 
aren't there and goes wacky.  If I add screen transition 
logic, then it fails.  I had the developer put a literal on 
the screen to look for versus an unprotected and a proteced 
field which the transition logic doesn't always like.  I am 
at a lost on this.

I will gladly attach the stml or trace file.
Append By: WindSurfer  When: 2000-08-03 12:54:13  New Status: Pending Customer
Right-ee-oh, please send the stml and trace file.

Some programs will have some very odd updates to the screen 
for which there isn't always a clear transition approach.