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Short Description Can I serve my .STML files over HTTP to an HTML editor like FrontPage or HomeSite?
Entered By: mccollun@meijer.com When: 1999-03-05 16:46:03 Build: 1.03.28E
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My developers will not have file access to the shares on the Windows NT server hosting Screensurfer since we do not run the Client for Microsoft Networks on our Windows 95 workstations (unfortunately our NOS is Netware).

Can I serve my STML files on the Screensurfer server to an HTML editor like FrontPage or HomeSite over HTTP in the same manner I serve HTML or ASP documents on my web servers to those editors?

I have tried this with HomeSite and only seem to be able to access documents in the subdirectories under the /docs folder. I cannot seem to access the files stored under the /templates directory. Any suggestions would be helpful. I would hate to have my developers resort to FTP.