Ticket #16 ( Closed )

Short Description SupportCenter Suggestion
Entered By: PeteL When: 1998-05-05 06:17:31 Build: 1.3.7A
Categories Type: Suggestion   Department: Product   Category: Not Categorized
It would be nice to see problem status when you're in a detail problem screen. Certainly current status is good, also if status tracking were done with each update, everyone could see the status at the time of each update. Again, current status is more important, it's easier to have it there than to have to bounce back to problem list.
Append By: WindSurfer  When: 1998-05-05 14:50:34  New Status: Pending Customer
Comment We will try to get the status into each action/comment, so that a trace will be visible in each action header.

As for the "current status", raise thine eyes unto the top of the frame, and view in the parenthesis a status, and lo, the status was there when he came down from the mountain with version 1.0 of SupportCenter.

Then again, maybe a color will improve visibility...

Append By: WindSurfer  When: 1998-05-05 16:33:58  New Status: Pending Customer
Comment I've completed the updates, including a color for the status (not a good color--I'll be changing, but at least it might stand-out now) and now record what status changes occur on each action.

Status changes now display for each append following the timestamp.

Another addition is that the Screensurfer build is now included as information for each new ticket...this was missing. If you logon to the SupportCenter from the Administrator's Console "Support" button, starting with build 1.3.9, you will automatically have your build entered, and it will appear with all new tickets.

Please close if you feel this suggestion has been completed :)

Append By: PeteL  When: 1998-05-06 05:19:25  New Status: Closed
Comment sorry I missed it, I was looking within the problem borders instead of at the ticket heading - tracking is great. thanks