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Short Description Hidden Fields
Entered By: aid9079@mail.idpa.state.il.us When: 2001-05-02 09:23:25 Build: 3.01a
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How does Screensurfer determine a hidden field? When I 
click on the vsrecog icon for our GAS screen, it appears 
that there are many fields that are colored-coded as 
hidden. (The mouseover message also indicated this). When I 
look at the output data stream coming from the program, 
only one field is designated as a NODISP.  This program is 
rather complex and does dynamically alter attribute bytes 
for fields depending on certain circumstances but after 
some research I have found that none of these fields are 
set to NODISP although some are set to BLANK.  I could even 
accept that as an answer but there appears to be some 
hidden fields on the screen that are not even data fields 
in the output stream but blank places on the screen.

Can you please explain this to me? Thanks.