Ticket #632 ( Pending IE )

Short Description Want to change bg/fg colors
Entered By: MRucker When: 2000-11-13 12:59:41 Build: 2.0.6F
Categories Type: Question   Department: Product   Category: Evaluation
We want to give our users the ability to set their text and 
background colors while in SS, and for them to be 
persistant. We currently have a form (function) in 
javascript that is called from an href link on a SS page 
(our default banner page). The form gives a list of colors 
and allows the user to select which one they want. This is 
done for both fg and bg, and when the colors are selected 
these attributes are changed (running SS from the server). 
However, it is not persistant. First, let me ask: do we have 
to have a high level function where these colors are passed 
and then set for it to be persistant?

My other question is this: we can use something like this:

<a href="TEMACRO TRANURL 'setbgcolor?color=yellow'>"> Set 
Color to Yellow </a>

to set a persistant bg color to yellow. It works just fine 
(just like what you do in global.stml), however we wish to 
give them the pop up list box (bg and fg) and the ability to 
Append By: Big Kahuna  When: 2000-11-30 16:16:43  New Status: Pending Customer
Sorry for the delay in getting back with you on this 
problem ticket.  Is this still an issue for you?  Thanks.
Append By: MRucker  When: 2000-12-01 11:01:09  New Status: Pending IE
Yes, this is still an issue for us. Thanks.