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Short Description SurferScript code bracketing
Entered By: Sandro When: 1999-03-17 03:18:19 Build: 1.03.28T
Categories Type: Suggestion   Department: Product   Category: SurferScript
As we are writing more and more SurferScript code, we are suffering from the inconvenience to enclose each and every statement within "< >" tag delimiters. For many purposes, we thought it would be useful that a way existed to avoid these delimiters at all. One can always use the TESHOW command to emit HTML. The end of each statement could be marked by a ";" or an end-of-line character. To this end, a new special tag could be introduced (something like "<TESURFERSCRIPT> ... </TESURFERSCRIPT>"), such that all text contained within its scope would be understood by the compiler's parser as "untagged" SurferScript code. That would be an evolutionary change, as existing code would still work as before.