Ticket #137 ( Closed )

Short Description accept wildcards in file list
Entered By: PeteL When: 1998-09-04 08:58:11 Build: 1.03.23c
Categories Type: Suggestion   Department: Product   Category: DevCenter Compiling
I have had numerous occasions where the non-defined compilation of templates has caused me problems in production that I did not experience in test. However, I don't really want to put every fully-qualified filename into a list, requiring that it be updated every time I add or delete a template. Use of wildcards would allow me to do something like put them all in alpha sequence, but never have to update the list, like
Append By: WindSurfer  When: 1998-09-04 12:18:30  New Status: Pending Customer
Comment Test SupportCenter reply--sorry for any inconvenience.
Append By: PeteL  When: 1998-09-04 13:44:29  New Status: Pending IE
Comment i put an update in this record which disappeared, maybe that was when you were testing something. anyway, i decided that the templates wouldn't be getting added or deleted very often, so i went ahead and made the file list, which when ordered correctly took care of my open recognition problem, so this suggestion can either be put at the bottom of the list or closed altogether.
Append By: WindSurfer  When: 1998-11-09 22:38:01  New Status: Closed
Comment Ticket closed-- also note that latest build supports list files which can have three types of lines:
  1. A file name (ends with .stml)
  2. A directory to enumerate (all *.stml files inside the directory)
  3. Another list file (starts with @)
This allows more flexibility, but still doesn't incorporate the "no duplicates rule" that would make it a nice versioning environment.

Closing this ticket, but leaving the other that covers this area open until the duplicates are not compiled if in more than one listed directory.