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Short Description Please fix HTML tables on certain pieces of doc
Entered By: PeteL When: 2001-06-05 07:07:47 Build: 3
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I happen to be one of those dinasours that still likes to 
print often-used documentation.  I've just done so with the 
V3 docs, and found that some of the HTML tables overflow a 
print-page (pretty sure this is an old issue, but getting 
it fixed in V3 will be fine).  At a glance, the ones I see 
that need fixing are:

global.stml Special Sections in tempbody.html
Special Task Variables in tempvar.html
Special Screen Session Variables in tempvar.html
TEENTER FromScreen ToScreen example in tempact.html
The CFX_Surfer Tag in cfxsurfer.html
Simple EJB Component Example in EJBSurfer.html

thank you
Append By: "Hello....Newman"  When: 2001-06-05 08:30:17  New Status: Pending Customer

There is a pdf version of the documentation that should 
correct the problems that you found.  I will email you a 
copy today, as well as make the pdf available at our ftp 
site:   ftp://www.screensurfer.com/ssdocs.pdf 

Should you need anything else please let us know

Thank you
Append By: WindSurfer  When: 2001-06-06 15:57:39  New Status: Pending Customer
The PDF is ready, name on the site is actually:




The zip is 1.2Mb while the PDF is 2.2Mb...