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Short Description Netscape can degrade system performance
Entered By: WindSurfer When: 2001-04-24 11:17:09 Build: All
Categories Type: Problem   Department: Product   Category: Troubleshooting
In some environments, particularly Windows/2000, the 
Netscape browser (particularly 4.77) can "hog" the CPU, 
creating slow response times if Screensurfer and/or the Toy 
Mainframe are running on the same system.

If you are experiencing slow response times with the 
Netscape browser, you can check if the problem is occuring 
in the Task Manager, where the CPU performance information 
will show a 100% utilization, and the Netscape.exe process 
is showing 99% CPU utilization.


1. Right-click on the task bar and open the Task Manager
2. In the Processes tab, find Netscape.exe
3. Right-click on Netscape.exe, then on "Set Priority"
4. Set the priority to below normal or low.

Your system should now function normally again...