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Short Description A form and an enter
Entered By: Chon When: 2001-06-19 12:47:57 Build: 3.0.1C GA
Categories Type: Question   Department: Product   Category: SurferScript
    I have to modify a login screen, that is, make it a 
little less confusing.  The 3270 screen has entries for 
userID, password, and new password.  The user enters their 
userID and password and hits enter or can tab over to the 
new password field and press PF1 to change the password and 
then proceed to the next screen.  What I've done is have 
the login screen come up with just the userID and password 
fields, a submit button(which sends an [enter]), and a 
button that goes to another page with the three fields to 
be filled with a submit button that sends a pf1.  This is 
all finished and works but I would like to be able to use 
the keyboard [enter] to send the pf1.  If an [enter] is 
pressed now an error message appears.  One of the request 
is to get away from function keys altogether and just use 
links and buttons.  I have read the documentation for 
task.aidtext and I've gone through the tickets but haven't 
found anything similar.