Ticket #578 ( Closed )

Short Description New release of AspSurfer.dll Testing
Entered By: karen.leuther@realmed.com When: 2000-08-03 12:40:15 Build: 2.0.10H
Categories Type: Question   Department: Product   Category: Troubleshooting
I have been getting the trap errors once in awhile but I am 
not sure why yet.  However, the following is occurring when 
I run the aspsurfer from an asp page.

The first run looks like this in the trace file:

11:30:59.185 <TESECTION> 
bcbsnc_02_eligibility.SelectSystem02 (START)

The second and subsequent runs look like this in the trace:

11:33:20.794 <TESECTION> 
bcbsnc_02_eligibility.SelectSystem02 (START)
We are not getting the data passed for subsequent calls.
Append By: WindSurfer  When: 2000-08-03 12:52:32  New Status: Pending Customer
Can you please forward the ASP page, or a fragment of it 
containing the surfer call?

Also, where is the trap occurring--in the ASP side, or 
Screensurfer side.

If Screensurfer side, an you please "uncheck" the Catch 
Exceptions checkbox in the Admin console settings page?

This way the trap will go all the way and while it will kill 
Screensurfer, at least we can get a Dr. Watson log that you 
can send-in (\winnt\drwtsn32.log).