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Short Description Frames
Entered By: jennifer.genzlinger@experian.com When: 2000-06-09 11:44:05 Build: 2.0.7A
Categories Type: Question   Department: Product   Category: HTML Generation
I have set up my frames in a Splash screen :

FRAMESET cols="20%, 80%">
   <FRAMESET rows="25%, 75%">
     	<frame src="/docs/Experian/NYL.gif" name="UpLeft" 
frameborder="0" scrolling="No" width="70" height="90 
noresize  backgroundleft.jpg="">
TRANURL 'homecontent'>" target="_top" name="LowLeft" 
frameborder="0" scrolling="No" noresize bordercolor="Blue" 
style="background-image: url(; border: 0 none Blue; border-
bottom: 0; border-left: 0 none; border-right: 0 none; 
border-right-width: 0; border-style: none ; clear: none;" 
  	  <FRAME SRC="/docs/Experian/HomeText.htm" 
NAME="MainPage" frameborder="0" RESIZE SCROLLING=Yes >

When I go to next screen I want new stml's to 
Append By: Big Kahuna  When: 2000-06-09 14:09:49  New Status: Pending Customer
We are looking into this right now and will get back to you 
as soon as possible.  Thanks.