Ticket #647 ( Closed )

Short Description Compiling destroys variables?
Entered By: Michael - Charleston When: 2000-12-08 15:09:26 Build: 2.0.11A GA
Categories Type: Question   Department: Product   Category: DevCenter Compiling
When I compile, all session and global variables seem to be 
getting cleared out for any sessions that are active during 
the compile.  Is there any way around this?
Append By: WindSurfer  When: 2000-12-11 11:32:58  New Status: Pending Customer
Global variables will get reset if the DevCenter option to 
do this is set (Reinitialize server and constants).

Session variables should definitely not be changed by a 
compile--if they are, this is a new bug.
Append By: Michael - Charleston  When: 2000-12-12 11:50:30  New Status: Closed
Started testing and it's acting as you described.  Just 
needed clarification.