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Short Description macro running
Entered By: tnicola@newholland.com When: 2001-03-21 11:00:45 Build: 2.0.6F
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I use a TN5250 connection to an AS400. I would like to know 
if it's possible to create a macro for sign-up in as400 


Append By: "Hello....Newman"  When: 2001-03-21 11:39:29  New Status: Pending Customer
Can you please start Screensurfer in diagnostic mode, 
type "y" to clear the trace file, minimize the command 
prompt and connect to your session and navigate to where 
you are describing in the above statement.  Also, when you 
click on exit, where do you want to go?

After you have completed this, could you send us your 
SurfDiag.log and Templates.log files.  These can be found 
in /screensufer/hostserver directory.

Thank you
Append By: "Hello....Newman"  When: 2001-03-23 09:55:49  New Status: Pending Customer

Just wanted to check in and see if you have sent the 
files.  The reason I ask, is so that we may assist you in 
what you are trying to achieve.  We would be happy to 
quickly create the macro for you to help you understand 
more quickly.

Append By: tnicola@newholland.com  When: 2001-03-28 10:40:14  New Status: Pending IE
I send you the file 2 days ago. have somes news about this


Append By: Big Kahuna  When: 2001-03-28 11:39:36  New Status: Pending Customer
We were waiting for you to upgrade to the latest version of 
V3 before giving you details on how to accomplish this.  
Now that you are upgraded, I am creating instructions now 
for you to accomplish your original request.  I will 
forward you the instructions as soon as possible.  Thanks.