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Short Description Scrn Obj Wiz Class=Passthru, Type=Script
Entered By: aid9079@mail.idpa.state.il.us When: 2001-04-25 12:19:20 Build: 2.0.6F
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Version 3, release 'h'

In the Screen Object Wizard, I designated the top header 
lines on a screen as class=passthru and type=script, 
received error when I clicked generate:

Line: 287
Char: 1
Error: Obj Expected
Code = 0

It also generated compile errors as a result.  I have 
captured a screen print and saved the compiler.html file if 
you need them.
Append By: WindSurfer  When: 2001-04-25 13:47:26  New Status: Pending Customer
We have reproduced this error and have identified it as a 
problem in the SSDHTML.JS file--we will let you know when a 
fix is available.
Append By: aid9079@mail.idpa.state.il.us  When: 2001-05-09 09:42:55  New Status: Pending IE
This still doesn't seem to be functioning properly.  When I 
generate, a MS IE pop-up box appears with <TEAREA 6 2 6 79> 
in it. I click ok and another appears with <TEAREA 7 2 7 
79> in it.  

Additionally, the area that is designated as 'pass thru' is 
not spaced properly.  I have tried it with multiple types 
of styles and it nothing seems to look right.  The reason I 
picked 'pass thru' is because it is a column headings that 
need to be spaced 'just so' to line up with the items under 
it which are multi row columns.
Append By: "Hello....Newman"  When: 2001-05-09 12:27:01  New Status: Pending Customer

There is a fix available at our ftp site.  Please go to 

Extract this zip file to the base of Screensurfer.

Also, when selecting each column heading as a literal in 
the primary screen map, so that the number of selections in 
the headings row matches the number of selections in the 
row area, if there is a "blank" heading for column one, you 
will still need to create a literal on that line in the 
primary map, so that the number of table columns 
transitioning from the base area to the row area is the 
same.  You can still select the empty space as a literal
Append By: Bill  When: 2001-05-09 14:12:28  New Status: Pending IE
A problem with the pass thru scrip in screen sufer.  When I 
designate an area as pass thru is puts in a <tearea> tag 
wich is good but to be pass thru it also needs a html 
<pre></pre> tag to designate preformated or else the html 
just ignores the spacing and throws out the date all 
bunched together.  even if I do designate a blank field it 
will be ignored.  I manually put the <pre> tag in my 
template to take care of this but is it possible to put 
this as part of the pass-thru in the wizard otherwise I 
have to lock my template and can not edit it any more in 
the wizard.
Append By: "Hello....Newman"  When: 2001-05-09 14:17:29  New Status: Pending Customer
Can you send back the template you are working on so we can 
take a look at what is happening.  Also, your .map and .scn 
from your cache directory will be helpful as well.

Send them to surfer@ie.com