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Short Description Can't get correct SessionKey
Entered By: rick.assmus@verizon.com When: 2001-06-12 10:55:56 Build: 3.0.0.F Be
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I have 2 templates that I'm using for testing purposes.  
One opens a session and the other closes the session...I'm 
using the Cold Fusion Co-Server.  I use Screen.SessionKey 
in the first template to return what I thought was the 
session key that I obtain immediately after <TEACTION 
CONNECT "LU_GROUP_1:TN3270:"+web.IPAddress>.  I also return 
a session key from the home page I want to exit the session 
from.  The two are different? (at least in the last portion 
of the string). The problem is that when I try <TEACTION 
GETSESSION> with the session key in the URL that I get, it 
generates a connection error.  If I go to the open session 
however, in the administrator console, and copy the session 
key from status page, the reconnect works.  How come that 
session key is different then what Screen.SessionKey 
returns and how do I obtain it?  Also I can't display the 
status information from the special status recordset (with 
I hope t
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A couple of questions for you.  Are you using two 
Screensurfer transactions to connect and then disconnect or 
are you using just one?  Any other information you can 
provide will be helpful in assessing what you are trying to