Ticket #611 ( Pending Customer )

Short Description Screensurfer Timing Out Sessions and Crashing
Entered By: karen.leuther@realmed.com When: 2000-09-18 14:36:33 Build: 2.0.10R
Categories Type: Problem   Department: Product   Category: Troubleshooting
This is an overall screensurfer/sessions timing out or 
hanging up problem.  Would you like a new ticket on it?

I tracked some of the changes that I made over the summer.  
These changes were your recommendations to help.  I cannot 
find clear documentation to know what some of them mean or 
what really the impact is or what could needs to exist if 
these changes are made.  I am not sure if any of these 
changes are good ones anymore.  This environment that we 
are working with is different from the last one, which 
really liked the default values.  I have changed some 
back.  I think we need to start over and see what really 
makes sense and have a better understanding of what these 
changes mean.

TimeOut was set to 60000  (This is why the screentransition 
failures are taking so long to timeout.  I just changed to 
30000, however I know you recommended this to be 60000.)
ConnectSettlePeriod was set to 60.  (No documentation.  
Default is 20.  I just changed
Append By: karen.leuther@realmed.com  When: 2000-09-18 14:50:28  New Status: Pending IE
Error: Error: During Connection Socket Receive, return 
code=2746\nDescription=An existing connection was forcibly 
closed by the remote host. (0x2746)\n
Append By: WindSurfer  When: 2000-09-18 15:03:59  New Status: Pending Customer
This seems to be a common thread for your lock-ups?  The 
forcibly closed?

In researching the error, we found that it actually is 
occuring in either the HTTP port used to do compiles and 
admin functions, or from the HTTP port used to process 
interactions with the ssurfer.asprequest objects.

This could be happening from the console, as-in from the 
DevCenter, or could be happening from the ASP component.

Is there a possibility that the IIS or MTS server is 
crashing, which then destroys all the surfer.asprequest 
objects, which then forcibly closes the socket?  Or, are the 
objects not being closed, and maybe "swept" out of memory, 
causing this error?