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Short Description Do i have to install screensurfer on each computer
Entered By: hans.dubois@wauterstt.be When: 1999-12-10 10:12:03 Build: 1.03.07A
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I've just installed screensurfer on my intranetserver.

Do i have to install screensurfer on each PC which has to log to the as/400 ?

I was trying to add a hyperlink (to screensurfer) on the homepage but when i click i always get the message : "localhost:80 ... not found" This is for each PC where screensurfer was not installed The PC's where screensurfer is installed work fine. I wonder how it can be used over the internet ?

Kimd regards Hans Dubois

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Comment Hans,

The free download version of Screensurfer will only support requests from the server that it is installed-on. This is our "developer's" version.

If you would like a temporary trial code in order to demonstrate on other PC's, please contact Jo Wilkinson via E-mail at jwilkinson@ie.com or phone at (in UK) +44 1 932 772266.

We can e-mail the code to you in a matter of minutes.

Once the new access code is activated, the hyperlink on the client PC should be pointing to the server Screensurfer is installed on--if when you installed, Screensurfer setup its port to 80 (sounds like that is the case), then you would set the hyperlink to http://machinename since 80 is the default. The machine name is the netname of the server with Screensurfer installed...if it doesn't have a DNS name, you then just use the localnet IP address.