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Short Description SS fails to properly emulate two column menus
Entered By: AMIR When: 2000-07-05 01:54:15 Build: 2.0.6F
Categories Type: Problem   Department: Product   Category: Evaluation

imagine a menu spread over two columns. 

1. Start               2. end

We do have access to a number of commercial packages having 
this feature

SS sometimes has one line underlining both options. 
Obviously, when you click on the line, only first option is 

Sometimes the 2nd menu option does not show on the screen 
or it shows up as a normal text. 

Let me know if you need screens to demonstrate it. We have 

Append By: WindSurfer  When: 2000-07-05 07:40:57  New Status: Pending Customer
Oops.  Thanks for pointing this out.  This is functionality 
delivered by our \screensurfer\hostserver\as400.stml file, 
and apparently the logic needs to be updated to accomodate 2 
column menus.

Note that if you want to, you can use the DevCenter wizards 
to create a custom template to replace this menu with your 
own customized HTML page.  Experimenting with the 
field-level wizard (it takes some experimentation to figure 
it out) can yield an HTML page with each of the fields that 
are menu options converted to links on a per-field basis.

A simpler method is to use the "shell template wizard" to 
create a section that recognizes the menu and provides you a 
holding place to implement your own custom HTML.

Within the HTML page, a link which looks like:

<a href="<temacro sendkeys '1[enter]'>">First Option</a>

Will perform menu option 1 and an enter when clicked.
Append By: AMIR  When: 2000-07-05 19:48:22  New Status: Pending IE

I emailed you directly (sorry, your own email) a number of 
sample screens. I asked you whether using the diagnostic 
mode will be easier for you (to locate positions more 

One comment:It seems other products are able to detect a 2 
column menu, without 'much problem' - by this I mean, it 
does not matter too much where the two columns are 
positioned (You can see I sent you two different screens, 
each with the columns in different position)

The question is how are other products able to detect a 
screen is a menu, one column or two, without checking like 
you for specific positions in line 2, or 20, which makes it 
more difficult? Makes you need to create many special 
instances rather than one generic instances that picks up 
ALL menus.