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Short Description how can I type the @ character
Entered By: john.moleres@csdinc.com When: 2000-03-07 15:51:14 Build: 2.0.6F
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In my template, I am trying to type my userid and 
password.  My userid starts with the '@' character.  When I 
use the TEACTION ENTER command the first 2 letters of my 
userid are dropped.  Here's the command I typed.

<TEACTION ENTER "@njtmol[tab][tab]password[enter]" SKIPSCAN>

Do I need to do something different to enter special 

Append By: WindSurfer  When: 2000-03-07 16:44:20  New Status: Pending Customer
Sorry, you are being caught on one of the few escape 
characters used in the keying sequences...

You can use the TEACTION PUTFIELD row column "data" as an 
alternative, or simply use two @ signs together to represent 
the @.

The @ sign is a "EHLLAPI" escape, used to represent things 
like tabs-- the [tab] is more friendly than @t, so people 
tend to use it, but the @ sign remains in the keystroke 
processor for the more terse-minded.

So, quick fix:

<TEACTION ENTER "@@njtmol[tab][tab]password[enter]" 
Append By: john.moleres@csdinc.com  When: 2000-03-08 15:44:30  New Status: Closed
I couldn't get the quick fix to work but the PUTFIELD 
worked great.