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Short Description Error when executing cfx
Entered By: Squidmaster Pro When: 1998-08-11 12:52:58 Build: Build: 1.0
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We currently moved screensurfer to the development server from our local machines and we are having problems connecting to the 3270. The error mesaage is below.
Error Diagnostic Information
Error occurred in CFX_SURFER tag

Invalid data returned by HTTP Post--No <AMAZONSTREAM> in contents!

Date/Time: 08/11/98 10:39:14
Browser: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 4.0; Windows NT; c_commcd1)
Remote Address:
HTTP Referer: http://webservtest/cfxsurfer/ssacount.cfm
Template: C:\WEBS\DNet\cfxsurfer\ssacount2.cfm
Append By: WindSurfer  When: 1998-08-11 13:49:15  New Status: Pending Customer
Comment Check ftp://ftp.ieinc2.com/pub/surfer/cfx_surfer.dll -- I think it might be more up-to-date than yours, as the current error message for this error shows the entire HTTP data returned...

Other things to try --

  1. Make sure you are including the port in the machinename if Screensurfer is installed to run a different port than 80
  2. Make sure your
      remove the port
    if Screensurfer runs on port 80!
  3. Check your "Transaction=" attribute in the CFX_Surfer tag and make sure that it doesn't start with a forward slash (will break the call)
  4. Compile with trace at the Screensurfer server, clear the trace and then look at it after a failed transaction
Append By: Squidmaster Pro  When: 1998-08-11 14:24:21  New Status: Pending IE
Comment Regarding hint number 1 above ... does the port number need to be on the machine name in the CFX tag? Here is what I currently have in the tag:
Append By: Squidmaster Pro  When: 1998-08-11 14:39:29  New Status: Closed
Comment I followed your advice and downloaded the current cfx_surfer.dll and restarted the services. The IEULA service did not come down cleanly so I had to kill it. When I restarted everything, viola! ... back in business. I'm not sure if it was the new dll or the restart that fixed things, but as long as it is working! BTW -- this answers my previous question about where to put the port number...