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Short Description Can TELOOP be used to make NAMES variable.
Entered By: costanzocj@lilco.com When: 1999-01-15 11:55:38 Build: 1.03.28e
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I have another one for you. Take a look at the name fields below (Cust_Acct1, Cust_Name1, AMR-Inter1). This code is repeated 20 times, Cust_acct1 through Cust_Acct20 and so on. I would like to be able to use the TELOOP command and replace the nunmber in the name with a variable. Is this possible? It would say a lot of repetative typing. Thanks once again for your help.
<TR><TD><TESHOW TextTrim(Screen(3,49,20))></TD>
   <TD><INPUT TYPE="Text" NAME="Cust_Acct1" SIZE=13
            VALUE="<TESHOW TextTrim(Screen(3,3,10))>">
   <TD><INPUT TYPE="Text" NAME="Cust_Name1" SIZE=20
            VALUE="<TESHOW TextTrim(Screen(3,14,20))>">
   <SELECT NAME="AMR_Inter1">
    <TEIF TextTrim(Screen(3,40,2)) = "15">