Ticket #162 ( Closed )

Short Description LU Error
Entered By: PeteL When: 1998-09-22 11:14:24 Build: 1.03.25g
Categories Type: Problem   Department: Product   Category: 3270 Datastream
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Internal Execution error in Template Section "common.gt_assist" due to exception code C0000005 (EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION)-- Please report to www.screensurfer.com/report

doesn't look good - Active Sessions screen showed and LU error, but that's all I have

Append By: WindSurfer  When: 1998-09-22 12:03:14  New Status: Pending Customer
Comment Please send your active common.stml to us, so we can narrow-down where the exception may be occurring...
Append By: PeteL  When: 1998-09-22 12:28:08  New Status: Pending IE
Comment sent via email to surfer2
Append By: WindSurfer  When: 1998-09-25 07:33:13  New Status: Pending Customer
Comment This isn't directly about this ticket, but I'm at home and can't send e-mail except this way... I made a mistake last night in bouncing an e-mail to you (it went to the wrong person). Anyway, your hex editor converted all the nulls to blanks in httptrc.dat, and this affects all my binary headers...do you have a version of httptrc.dat that is un-edited that you can re-edit cleanly and get to me? Thanks-- I put a safe hexeditor at ftp://ftp.ieinc2.com/uploads/hexedit.exe if you need one to clear your password.
Append By: PeteL  When: 1998-09-25 07:44:06  New Status: Pending IE
Comment I deleted the original - I guess it wouldn't do to just change all blanks to nulls ?
Append By: PeteL  When: 1998-09-25 07:58:35  New Status: Pending IE
Comment If I do a new trace, I can't remember if it matters or if you have a preference, do you want it to be SNA or TN3270?
Append By: WindSurfer  When: 1998-09-25 08:07:28  New Status: Pending Customer
Comment Oh well...please do a new trace, and yes, TN3270 would be preferable.
Append By: PeteL  When: 1998-09-25 08:50:06  New Status: Pending IE
Comment all set - httptrc.zip and sstrace_201.zip are in the uploads directory - nice little editor!
Append By: PeteL  When: 1998-10-27 07:59:16  New Status: Closed
Comment closing this problem due to lack of recurrence (sp?)