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Short Description Multi-part Transactions
Entered By: rocky When: 2000-02-17 18:58:18 Build: 2.0.6F
Categories Type: Question   Department: Product   Category: SurferScript
I'm need to do a transaction leaving the connection open 
where the transaction leaves off so that it can be 
completed later.  However, a session must map to one user.  
A User will logon and secure some order information (end of 
transaction which is left open ie release keepopen) from a 
Cold Fusion web page they will decide whether to order 
based on the pricing that is returned.  I need the next 
transaction to pick up where the previous one left off 
however multiple people are going through this process at 
the same time so how do I make sure that user1 doesn't 
request ordering information and user2 ends up picking up 
where user1 left off?
Append By: WindSurfer  When: 2000-02-17 23:50:56  New Status: Pending Customer
When you make a request, if the SurferScript doesn't execute 
a TEACTION RELEASE, the session is still owned by the user, 
and the returned query will contain an attribute of 
"sessionkey" which can be saved in the session for later 
user (or stuck into any links given the user).

When you perform the next CFX_Surfer tag in the sequence, be 
sure to pass-in the sessionkey as an attribute.

In the control.stml that we sent you, you can set the 
Task.SessionRequired=1 prior to calling control.connect and 
in control.connect it will do a TEACTION GETSESSION and 
expect that not only you passed-in a SessionKey, but that it 
is a valid one.

With a valid SessionKey passed-in, the TEACTION GETSESSION 
will reconnect to the correct session for the user involved 
in the current transaction.
Append By: rocky  When: 2000-02-18 10:28:41  New Status: Pending IE
Thanks and it sounds like what you described is exactly what 
I want to do.  Could you please send the code snippets for 
two CFX_Surfer calls and the correspond stml code.   I would 
like to see how you pass in the sessionkey and also if I set 
Task.SessionRequired=1 won't that make a transaction 
required for all CFX_Surfer tags (which is good except the 
first CFX_Surfer tag isn't go to have a transaction because 
it will start one).  Thanx,
Append By: rocky  When: 2000-02-18 12:53:04  New Status: Pending IE
Another part to this question as well now.  I have the 
following in a file called tran.stml
   WHEN SCREEN_1_36 IS "Sign On"
	<teaction putfield 6 52 "GEARWORKS">
	<teaction putfield 7 52 "GEAR">
	<teaction enter "[enter]" skipcode>

It won't compile.  The manual always does PATH TO blah is 
"something in quotes".... however it's not that simple I 
have to fill in a form so quotes won't cut it.