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Short Description Placement of files
Entered By: Michael - Charleston When: 1998-10-19 09:21:54 Build: 1.03.07A
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Simple question today - it appears that aside from templates and images (which I am able to put in the default "img" directory) for any other files (static HTML, java classes, JavaScript source files, etc.) I must create subdirectories under the "docs" directory only. I can't create and access my own directories off the root? Is that correct?
Append By: WindSurfer  When: 1998-10-19 10:30:31  New Status: Pending Customer
Comment That's right-- all static HTML that drives through Screensurfer must come off /docs/ directory.

We don't have an alias capability in Screensurfer, just the "docs" one-- you can always include hrefs that go through a standard web server, however. For example, configure IIS on the same machine as Screensurfer, but on another port, such as 82 (or you can put IIS at 80 and SS at 82), then drive your static HTTP requests through IIS and your dynamic HTTP requests through Screensurfer.