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Short Description SS.Field("RetCode") always return 0
Entered By: beverly.barrington@famu.edu When: 2001-03-22 10:01:47 Build: 2.0.6F
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I have following statement in my ASP file.

if retcode=0 then
response.redirect "call_sign_view1.asp"
 <%else %>
<h2><b><%=SS.Field("FailMessage") %></b></h2>

<%end if %>

and also I have a asp page which asks user to enter userid 
and password to logon to NWRDC.If the user keys in wrong 
userid or password,the above asp page will show the error 
message which I define in a stml file. The following is the 

<TEIF Screen(21,2,8)="ACF01004">
<TESET task.errortext="Invalid userid! Click Back button 
and try again.">
<TEIF Screen(21,2,8)="ACF01012">
<TESET task.errortext="Invalid password! Click Back button 
and try again.">

The error message never returns when I enter the invalid 
userid or password. Tha
Append By: WindSurfer  When: 2001-03-22 23:26:47  New Status: Pending Customer
You need to actively set the Task.ErrorCode in 
Screensurfer, along with the errortext if you want to check 
the RetCode back in your component.

Also, please make sure that you've got the Status recordset 
active in your check.
Append By: beverly.barrington@famu.edu  When: 2001-03-23 08:36:05  New Status: Pending IE
You mean I have to write a statement like this:
<TESET Task.ErrorCode=1>

By the way, what is "Task" here? I did not find it in 
screensurfer document. Is it on NT?