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Short Description Way to link to static file and then back to Screensurfer session without TRANPATH?
Entered By: Michael - Charleston When: 1998-11-05 16:47:59 Build: 1.03.07A
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Here's the situation: We have about 6 different search screens (for 6 different types of data) each with about 5 different ways to search the data. For example, one of the ways you can search through Civil Cases is by Filing Code and Disposition Date. Now we want to actually link the words "Filing Code" and "Disposition Date" to their respective anchors in a static Glossary HTML file (currently under the docs dir). I know I can do this with TRANPATH, but since there are about 50 or so words to link I really would rather not create 50 TRANPATH statements.

I have tried just linking to the static file and that works fine, but then I encounter problems when I try to give the user a link from the static Glossary file back to their mainframe session. I tried using "SURFER/CONNECT" but that just started a new session rather than return to the active one (even though the documentation led me to believe it *would* take me back to the active session).

Any thoughts?

Append By: WindSurfer  When: 1998-11-05 17:41:40  New Status: Pending Customer
Comment First, the reason your /surfer/connect isn't working is a bit silly, but we just realized why it isn't working.

The cookie we use for passing the active sessionkey for a user requires a full path in the /surfer/connect -- so, if you just change the URL to /surfer/connect/ it definitely will reconnect the user to any existing session for their browser.

Now, about another approach-- this is, you use a frameset with Javascript in the parent frame, then display your static document in one of the frames, using a call to a function in the parent frame in your links instead of a static call to the connect. I think this is overkill for what you are trying to do here, because the /surfer/connect/ should work. This frame-embedding idea is more for having both a link to the session AND one or more parameters embedded in the static page's links.