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Short Description Development - Evaluation
Entered By: dhead@tim.ca When: 2000-07-11 11:33:04 Build: 2.0.6F
Categories Type: Question   Department: Product   Category: Evaluation
A Couple of issues here:

Q:   When in Dev. Mode & you display the ruler, how do you 
move the fields that are displayed to new (correct) 
location. There is no Drag & Drop method. This would be an 
extremely useful feature. Especially to correct downloaded 

Q:   Why do some screens translate while others are not 
even 'in the ballpark.' ? I have one menu screen that was 
translated correctly (80 screen chars), then the next menu 
screen all of a sudden decieded to use a screen size of 132 

Q:    What is the 'Section Name'. You define it as 'Select 
a Section Name That Reflects the Use Of The Current 
Displayed Screen.' Is this to uniquely ID the screen via 
some field that exists on the screen?  Why do I see the 
exact same error message on a Compile whether I provide a 
Section Name or not?