Ticket #337 ( Pending IE )

Short Description Tutorial Documentation Incorrect
Entered By: Big Kahuna When: 1999-06-22 15:18:54 Build: 2.0.4E
Categories Type: Problem   Department: Product   Category: Documentation
Under Tutorial, Lesson 1: The Screensurfer Environment, heading named Screensurfer Template Editing, there is a subheading named "Where are the Template files?". The text below the subheading reads the following:

"The template files all reside in a single directory by default, which is specified in the Console Administrator's Settings page."

This setting is not in the Console Administrator's Settings page...It is now located in the Dev Center, Development Administration, Change Development Settings. Please change documentation.

Append By: WindSurfer  When: 1999-06-23 10:26:46  New Status: Accepted
Comment This has been fixed in the development version, will be included in the next installation build of version 2...
Append By: jurbanczyk@legacytoweb.com  When: 1999-06-23 13:04:43  New Status: Pending IE
Comment Some additional Tutorial fixes that need to be made: Lesson 3, Screen Surfer Events subheading, 3rd paragraph, last sentence says "use word usin" instead of "use word using" Lesson 4, Identifying and Customizing a Specific Screen subheading, the following says "To identify and customtomize a specific screen 1. Open default.stml" and it should read "1. Open global.stml" Thanks!