Ticket #571 ( Closed )

Short Description CICS/IMS Truncating Numeric Fields
Entered By: karen.leuther@realmed.com When: 2000-07-28 12:34:18 Build: 2.0.9Z
Categories Type: Suggestion   Department: Product   Category: Troubleshooting
I am full of problems lately.  Sorry.

Currently, the following data is getting mapped to a CICS 
online/IMS database system.  In Screensurfer, the data 
appears to look the same as seen below.  However, when the 
cobol program gets the IMS transaction, the dump of the 
transaction is not mapping to the format of the copybook.  
A line which starts with a numeric value in a alphanumeric 
field where the data is actually right justified, is 
chopping of the preceeding spaces.  If we take a view of 
the screen within the CICS screen as below, and paste it 
into the program, the spaces are not lost preceeding the 
numeric value.  We narrowed the problem down to this but do 
not know why we are not seeing the spaces.  We dumped the 
file to make sure there were no hidden characters .

The trace file does not show the preceeding or following 
spaces, but it appears to map to the screen in the correct 

<TEACTION PUTFIELD 1  2 "RM001   0626009350
Append By: WindSurfer  When: 2000-07-28 13:40:11  New Status: Pending Customer
There is probably something happening in the TEACTION 
PUTFIELD logic relating to automatic handling of 
underscore/dash field filling.  This doesn't mean that you 
have these, but there may be something unique about your 

Can you please reproduce in diagnostic mode, with the 
shortest navigation path to this screen you can, and send 
the surfdiag.log and the templates.log attached to an email 
to surfer@ie.com, with the subject Ticket #571...

Sorry we couldn't fix it from what you provided, but need 
the screen before and after to really get a feel for it.
Append By: WindSurfer  When: 2000-07-28 16:02:02  New Status: Pending Customer
The TEACTION PUTFIELD is skipping-over null characters if 
the matching character in the field is blank.  This is to 
avoid triggering changed fields when in an HTML-to-screen 

We are fixing this behavior to fit the case where a field is 
right justified and changed but starts with spaces when the 
field has nulls in it.

Meanwhile, a work-around is to use the TEACTION PUTDATA 
instead, which will just plain overwrite everything you ask 
it to, and always set the MDT on the field.
Append By: WindSurfer  When: 2000-07-31 13:18:38  New Status: Pending Customer
New build at ftp://www.screensurfer.com/T2_0_10H.zip has a 
fix to ensure that a field with nulls will be properly 
updated when the replacement data has leading blanks.
Append By: karen.leuther@realmed.com  When: 2000-08-03 10:01:23  New Status: Closed