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Short Description IP Address of Harvard Library System
Entered By: AlexandraLaCruz@HiperCom.com When: 2000-09-04 10:19:43 Build: 2.0.6F
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I'm doing some test from my office and I need the Ip address 
of Harvard Library System or another side where i can do 
this test.
Append By: WindSurfer  When: 2000-09-04 14:37:14  New Status: Pending Customer
Harvard's TN3270 server is at hollis.harvard.edu, or

We also run a "toy mainframe" at our support site, which you 
can also access with TN3270 or TN3270E at 
support.screensurfer.com or -- userid is user1 
and password is pass1.

This is the same Toy Mainframe included with the product, 
but you can access it over the Internet at our 
site...otherwise, just start it from the Screensurfer start 
entry (Toy Mainframe) and access "localhost".
Append By: AlexandraLaCruz@HiperCom.com  When: 2000-09-04 17:12:36  New Status: Pending IE
I tried to connect to TN3270: directly using


before I defined LU_GROUP_1,....,LU_GROUP_5

but the status show LU_PENDING_INIT

what's mean that?
Append By: WindSurfer  When: 2000-09-04 17:31:35  New Status: Pending Customer
There are really two ways to connect with Screensurfer.

The first is to hard-code the host definition in an 
LU_GROUP, such as:


This is in the Admin Settings page...

The other way, which we introduced this year, is to specify:


In the LU_GROUP, which lets you declare the connection at 
connect time.

If you have the *ANY in your LU_GROUP_1 setting (which the 
install program will do with a new installation), then you 

The correct syntax in this configuration is:


Note that you can experiment with the "Connection Wizard" if 
you have installed the latest version (or the version 
starting in May of this year).  The Connection Wizard is 
accessed from the Web Gateway Homepage of a new