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Short Description AspSurfer Component
Entered By: AlexandraLaCruz@HiperCom.com When: 2000-09-11 10:58:05 Build: 2.0.6F
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I have problem with the installation of AspSurfer Component
I had download and reinstalled AspSurfer.exe, but I get the 
error in asp "Server.CreateObject Failed"

I try to reinstall aspsurfer.dll component and get this 
"DllRegisterServer in aspsurfer.dll failed
 Return Code was: 0x80070002"

You have idea about what's the problem with th ecomponent
Append By: WindSurfer  When: 2000-09-11 11:19:20  New Status: Pending Customer
Which version of WindowsNT are you installing on?

The return code from DllRegisterServer means "file not 
found" so perhaps there is something aspsurfer.dll is 
looking for on your system that isn't there?
Append By: AlexandraLaCruz@HiperCom.com  When: 2000-09-11 11:45:50  New Status: Pending IE
Ok, but do you know or do you have idea about whats´s  all 
components necesary to register AspSurfer.dll?
Append By: AlexandraLaCruz@HiperCom.com  When: 2000-09-11 11:47:34  New Status: Pending IE
I am using NT 4.0
Append By: WindSurfer  When: 2000-09-11 11:53:17  New Status: Pending Customer
Thanks--actually, in a review of this problem we found that 
there were reports of dependency issues with some newer 
fixpacks--please try again with a new version of the 
aspsurfer install program incorporating the latest 
ASPSurfer.dll (just updated to the ftp site):


Hopefully this will solve the DLL load problem.
Append By: AlexandraLaCruz@HiperCom.com  When: 2000-09-11 12:06:04  New Status: Pending IE
But this is a new version?, Two hours ago, I download a 
version of aspsurfer.dll and was installed, but when I 
installed this component was not installed automalically
Append By: AlexandraLaCruz@HiperCom.com  When: 2000-09-11 12:12:16  New Status: Pending IE
Thank you, but I try with this new version and the problem 
Append By: WindSurfer  When: 2000-09-11 12:12:30  New Status: Pending Customer
ASPSurfer.EXE is the install program.

ASPSurfer.DLL is latest version of the DLL.

You always need to use ASPSurfer.EXE first, to install and 
register.  You can then download latest version of 
ASPSurfer.dll and copy it over...shouldn't need to register 
the DLL if ASPSurfer.EXE has already run.

Did you first run ASPSurfer.EXE, then copy latest version of 
DLL from FTP site over the aspsurfer.dll that was installed 
by ASPSurfer.exe?  If so, then you are right, there is no 
need to re-install and we still have to figure-out what is 
wrong with your current aspsurfer.dll...

Can you try in a command window to use the following 
command, with active directory inside the aspsurfer 
directory where aspsurfer.dll is installed?

regsvr32 aspsurfer.dll

Is this what is returning x80070002?
Append By: WindSurfer  When: 2000-09-11 12:14:03  New Status: Pending Customer
Our tickets just crossed :)

Do make sure that IIS is shut down from the NT services 
control panel (stop the web services and management console) 
before fiddling with aspsurfer.dll, as it will get loaded 
first time and IIS will hold it.
Append By: AlexandraLaCruz@HiperCom.com  When: 2000-09-11 12:19:41  New Status: Pending IE
I stoped the iis, run aspsurfer.exe, check by registry if 
the component was installed but it was not installed, I  
try manually using regsvr32 but neither it was installed. I 
thing there is any other component that aspsurfer.dll need.
Append By: AlexandraLaCruz@HiperCom.com  When: 2000-09-11 12:22:20  New Status: Pending IE
Yes the regsvr32 aspsurfer.dll return the errro code 
Append By: WindSurfer  When: 2000-09-11 12:34:37  New Status: Pending Customer
I just used a "Dependencies" option in Windows Explorer on 
my AspSurfer.DLL-- this is actually something that comes 
with Microsoft Visual Studio...can you check if you have 
this option in your system--view the folder list with 
ASPSurfer.dll, right click with the mouse and see if 
"Dependencies" is there...if so, select it and it should 
tell you what is failing...

The files I received in my report include:
Append By: AlexandraLaCruz@HiperCom.com  When: 2000-09-11 12:52:44  New Status: Pending IE
I review and this component exist in c:\winnt\system32, but 
I try register it using regsvr32 and get this error from 
some components:

"wsock32.dll was loaded but the DllRegisterServer entry 
point was not found

DllRegisterServer may not be exported, or a corrupt version 
of wsock32.dll may be in memory.Consider Using PView to 
detect and remove it"

Append By: WindSurfer  When: 2000-09-11 13:00:00  New Status: Pending Customer
wsock32.dll isn't a COM object--it is just a plain DLL, so 
this DllRegisterServer output would be expected.

Ths most likely DLL's that could be causing an error would 


What are your date and time stamps for these files?
Append By: AlexandraLaCruz@HiperCom.com  When: 2000-09-11 13:39:36  New Status: Pending IE
With this three dll's I get the same error message...
Append By: AlexandraLaCruz@HiperCom.com  When: 2000-09-11 14:12:02  New Status: Pending IE
I could register ole32.dll but the others dll's get te same 
Append By: AlexandraLaCruz@HiperCom.com  When: 2000-09-11 14:13:44  New Status: Pending IE
Sorry I could register oleaut32.dll, the others I could not 
Append By: AlexandraLaCruz@HiperCom.com  When: 2000-09-11 14:44:25  New Status: Pending IE
Thanks, I thing the problem is the last version of 
aspsurfer.exe. I copy one old version from another server 
where i had had installed aspsurfer.exe and now I could 
register the aspsurefer component finally. I thing you have 
review this problem.

thank you any way for your help..
Append By: WindSurfer  When: 2000-09-11 14:50:07  New Status: Pending Customer
Sorry for the confusion--this is probably a version 
problem--which FixPack are you using with NT4?
Append By: AlexandraLaCruz@HiperCom.com  When: 2000-09-11 16:18:19  New Status: Pending IE
Option Pack
Append By: WindSurfer  When: 2000-09-11 16:21:02  New Status: Pending Customer
Sorry, I meant the Service Pack, as in SP3, SP4, SP5, SP6 
and so on, which would be on base NT.