Ticket #520 ( Pending Customer )

Short Description Having trouble getting TEACTION to fire consistently
Entered By: rlawson@software.rockwell.com When: 2000-05-25 13:10:36 Build: 2.0.6F
Categories Type: Question   Department: Product   Category: Evaluation
I am new with the product and am trying to understand the 
circumstances under which certain code gets executed.  The 
script I am currently working on runs absolutely correctly 
when called via the "Connection Request Page" but does not 
work from ASP.

ASP calls a section of the script which simply does a 
<TEACTION CONNECT "LU_GROUP_1">.  I know this much is 
working because when I look at the log files I see the 
login page was launched and correctly detected but the 
TEACTION statement which is supposed to login the user 
apparently never fires.  It's almost as if the section is 
being called with a SKIPCODE which it is not.  It's being 
triggered because it detected the login screen which was 
invoked by the TEACTION CONNECT command.

Inside of my login section, I have a <TEACTION ENTER "XX"> 
(where XX is my username and password string).  For some 
reason, this section does not seem to fire when being 
called via ASP.