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Short Description Missing Characters
Entered By: RayWas When: 2000-10-25 11:44:59 Build: 2.0.10U
Categories Type: Problem   Department: Product   Category: Troubleshooting
Sometimes a putfield statement doesn't seem to put all of 
the characters into the field as requested.  For instance, 
in the particular case I noticed, we do a putfield "LPOS" 
and it only enters "POS" in the field.  This is code that 
has been running for a long time.  It works 99% of the 
time, but every once in a while it will leave out a 
character.  I will send the log and code.

Append By: WindSurfer  When: 2000-10-25 12:22:15  New Status: Pending Customer
Looked at the log and the file...the 99% of the time for 
straight-ahead code like this hints towards a timing problem 
which unfortunately the log that you have doesn't reveal.

What would reveal it is the original templates.log file, 
from the \screensurfer\hostserver directory, rather than the 
saving of the view in the devcenter.  Either that, or be 
sure to check the "show protocol buffers in trace" option.

By timing problem, I'm thinking of a "late host buffer" that 
is affecting the screen buffer right at the time you are 
copying data into it.  As a result, the first character is 
wiped-out as the data is overwritten.

I will perform a check on build U also...there may have been 
a fleeting regression in there, but still, it would 
consistently fail, not only rarely.
Append By: RayWas  When: 2000-10-25 16:32:32  New Status: Pending IE
Sent original log.
Append By: WindSurfer  When: 2000-10-25 18:07:48  New Status: Pending Customer
Got it!

It is actually the TEACTION ENTER that is doing it--when the 
last name passed-in has any extra characters in it, the 
keystroking is popping-back to the first field and entering 
the spaces from the end of the last name into the first 

You can fix this with:

tTrim(web.LastName)+"[enter]" EXPECTING 
"LifeCommInfoSuccess" SKIPSCAN>

Also, there is a global setting which will prevent 
keystroking from wrapping past the current field 

Environments/Screensurfer/Config:Keying Action Mode

From 2, to 0.  2 will always skip, 1 skips only if it is 
coded as an autoskip field and 0 never skips.