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Short Description search screen
Entered By: Chon When: 2001-05-25 15:18:13 Build: 3.0.1C GA
Categories Type: Question   Department: Product   Category: Evaluation
   I have mapped a screen that contains 2 data fields and 
several options to links with the 2 fields not referenced.  
One takes in one of the several options listed, and the 
second takes in the search parameters. So the user would 
enter for example, 1[tab] search string[enter].  To make it 
easier for those that have not used this before, I want to 
click on one of the options and go to a page where they can 
enter their string, along with examples. I pass the option 
in the url to the search page(which is not part of the 
emulation). There is only the search string field and an 
enter button. How do I give the option field the number if 
it is not displayed so that when the uesr hits enter it 
will simulate 1[tab] search string[enter]?  I'm stuck,