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Short Description IP Address of the Host
Entered By: gaucho When: 2001-05-03 14:37:48 Build: 2.0.6F
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Hello again,

How can I determine the IP Address of the server hosting 
Screen Surfer applications?

Append By: WindSurfer  When: 2001-05-04 14:10:28  New Status: Pending Customer
Sorry, right now the only way to do this is to define a 
server. or constant. variable and hard-code it.

For example, we like to use a module named env.stml, which 
we don't ever copy from test to production or server-to-
server (unless we're upgrading the contents, then do it 

Inside env.stml, you can have:

<tedeclare Constant.IPAddress text 15 data="">

Then anywhere in your application, just refer to 
constant.ipaddress to utilize the value (no active session 
is needed to reference a server. or constant. variable.

The difference between a server. and constant. variable is 
that the server variable can be changed in script, while 
constant variables can only be set in the declaration and 
are readonly in scripts.