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Short Description trying to migrate from 2.05V to 3.01C, javascript problems
Entered By: PeteL When: 2001-06-08 08:06:31 Build: 2.05V ==>
Categories Type: Problem   Department: Product   Category: JavaScript Error
I am trying to make my existing v2.05 environment run in 
v3.01C - you probably wouldn't think to ask why, but I'll 
tell you anyway - I saw some doc somewhere that said v2 and 
v3 could coexist on the same machine, since they have 
completely separate registry trees.  NOT.  There is only 
one Screensurfer service, and when v3 gets installed, it 
takes over.  So instead of uninstalling, I decided to try 
to move forward (that was 2 hours ago).  I'm now at the 
point where it's almost all set, but all input fields have 
an onFocus event coded that doesn't exist (doFocus).  I 
found doFocus in ssemul.js, which if I were to use your 
global.stml, would probably be in every page.  But I've 
already got almost all the functions within ssemul.js coded 
on my own (doesn't always pay to be a step ahead), and 
don't want all that extra stuff in there.  How do I supress 
the doFocus generation, and what other gotcha's might I run 
into wi
Append By: PeteL  When: 2001-06-08 08:16:08  New Status: Pending IE
well, I found part of my answer - surfersubmit is in there, 
and I have that coded all over the place.  Is there some 
sort of migration documentation that might have this stuff 
in there?  My fear of putting ssemul.js in every page is 
twofold - one, it's not a miniscule file, so there's some 
network overhead involved, but more importantly, I've 
already got event handlers coded that are likely to break 
if I put yours in with it.