Ticket #817 ( Pending Customer )

Short Description DBSelect is causing a trap
Entered By: jennifer.genzlinger@experian.com When: 2001-07-03 15:30:32 Build: 2.0.11J
Categories Type: Problem   Department: Product   Category: ODBC Support
We are having a trap when compiling but it is only 
happening on one machine.  The machine is running NT 
workstation 4.0 with sp6 and screen surfer 2.0.11J.  The 
ODBC driver is for Microsoft Access and is version 
4.00.4202.00.  My machine is the same configuration but 
compiles fine with the same database and source code.  It 
seems to be related to queries that use functions.  The 
query/queries that cause the trap are using the Left
[FieldName], 2) function and I made a simple query that did 
not use a function and I did not get the trap error.  Also, 
the problem is not related to compile order as the DBSOURCE 
statement is in the same file (in fact it is right above 
the DBSELECT) as the DBSELECT statement that causes the 
trap.  I compared everything I could think of on the two 
machines including all registry settings for screen surfer 
and they are the same on both machines.

I am emailing the drwtsn32.log, the database and the stml 
that the database