Ticket #563 ( Pending Customer )

Short Description ManageSessions Function--Reference Ticket 142
Entered By: gaucho When: 2000-07-11 14:40:12 Build: 2.0.6F
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Hi Bill,

I know that it has been a while since we've tried to 
implement this 'afternoon bump' function but we are in the 
midst of releasing Online Registration for UCSB, and it is 
imperative that we get this function working quickly and 

I apologize for my ignorance on this function, but I really 
need your help implementing it.

1)  Please review reference ticket 142 as well as ticket 
455.  (Please disregard all my mumbo jumbo talk of figuring 
out what the code does. . .:)  )  But I am still confused 
on how this should be set up and where I am going wrong.

2)  I have sent you the global.stml file that I am trying 
to implement to your surfer@ieinc.com address. Could you 
test my code with your system and see if I'm doing 
something wrong?

3)  What would be the best way to proceed in testing this?  
If I were to take out the global.startup section how could 
I test the afternoon bump?  As I understand, the sessions 
will be at the max