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Short Description Enter, Refresh, And Exit Link
Entered By: Bill When: 2001-05-03 11:34:59 Build: 2.0.6F
Categories Type: Suggestion   Department: Product   Category: Not Categorized
When ever I create a page or even use a defualt pass 
through I get an enter button and a refresh and exit link 
at the bottom of the every page.  The enter and refresh are 
fine, but I dont want to give users the ability to exit 
from every page(I have a specific logoff procedure, but if 
I give them an exit they would use it.  When I go to the 
global applications setting wizard there is no way to 
remove any of this links.  The only way I found to remove 
them was by manually editing the gobal.stml.  But, this 
changed the way that default screens displayed slightly(but 
enough so that the consistant look of the screens are 
thrown off a bit).  Also, If I go back in and make 
additional changes to global and recompile it is defaulted 
back to having the links.  Is there a way of removing all 
or a select one of the links/buttons or can you add this to 
the app